• How long do the pampas & dried flowers last for? 

Dried flowers can last for several years if they are cared for properly. To extend their lifespan, keep them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. Handle them gently, as they are fragile.

  • How should I care for them?

Your stems are best kept away from moisture and direct sunlight in order to preserve their colour and texture. To keep them looking their best, lightly dust them off with a soft brush or gentle shake outside every week or 2.

  • Do they require any care?

No, your pampas or flowers will require no special maintenance. No water is required. Just follow the care tips above.

  • How do I book my wedding flowers with you?

Simply email us at pampasboxltd@gmail.com or message us to check availability for your chosen dates. We will do all we can to accommodate all your needs. 

  • Do you do custom orders?

Yes, if we have the stock available we will try our best to make whatever it is you would like.

  • Do you offer returns & refunds?
Yes we offer a 14 day return policy with full refund available. See terms for more details.

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