How to get Super Fluffy Pampas!!

How to get Super Fluffy Pampas!!

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When it comes to Pampas, getting that desired fluffy appearance that creates an impact in any space is easily achieved by one simple method. A warm blow dry.

Large Fluffy Natural Pampas Grass

After being packed in a box and kept in cold temperatures during transport the plumes of the Pampas will close up, however with a quick blow dry on a warm heat we can reverse this effect and more than double to size of the plumes.



When blow drying your Pampas we recommend you do this outside or at least by your door to reduce the amount of excess fluff that may come off each Pampas Stem.

1. Hold the stem of the Pampas with the plume facing downwards.

2. Begin to run the hairdryer up and down the stem at a slight angle. We recommend you do this for maybe 45-60 seconds on one side, spin the stem around and repeat. 

3.  Keep this up and you will see the shine on the plume start to fade as they open up to give you that soft, fluffy look. 

4. Give the stem a gentle shake to allow the plume to fully separate.

5. Style in your desired vase & create a beautiful statement display in your home.


Just a note that we blow dry all your stems for you before sending them out, so depending on the weather, if it's warmer they may not need any blow drying at all and you'll be able to pop them straight in a vase. 

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